Teacher Training


Teachers are not our problem; we are losing good teachers because their training is inadequate for achieving success in their classrooms with diverse learners …  Instructional materials used by teachers do not compensate for what they were not taught in school. The most popular instructional materials in our classrooms are strong on literature, pictures, and motivational strategies for children, but very weak or simply misinformed on the structure of our language and how children actually learn to read the words on the page.

- Dr. Louisa Moats, to the Committee on Education and the
Workforce, U.S. House of Representatives (9/3/97);
Former Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics,
University of Texas at Houston – Health Science Center,
and Project Director, NICHD Early Interventions Project,
Washington, DC


[It] isn’t the teachers’ fault – they simply aren’t being trained well enough for what they need to do… The truth is, that teachers for pre-K up to second-graders need to be masters of teaching children to read.

- Dr. Margie Gillis
Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratory, Yale University;
Founder/President, LiteracyHOW